Care Instructions

- When you receive your rug and unroll it, you'll notice waves or creases have formed on the surface. These waves are a result of the stress of rolling and shipping the product. Lay the rug completely flat and as the rug settles, the waves will soften and disappear within 2-3 days. 
- With proper maintenance and care, your seagrass rug will remain beautiful for years. We sell rug pads in custom colors to extend the life of your rug.
Please lay rug atop pad and allow a few days for the rug to expand to its maximum dimensions. Then, clip the rug pad with scissors to fit.
- Our rugs are handmade and fibers may shed over time. It is ok to vacuum this rug. In the event of a spill, use a dry cloth and firmly blot the rug dry (do not rub the liquid). If needed, follow up with a wet rag and blot the rug dry again. For stains, order replacement squares and a sew kit and replace the affected area.