About Us

In 2015, avid adventurers and professional designers Liz Strong and Page Mullins took a spur-of-the-moment trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, where they spent hours rummaging through textiles in the local market and traveling dusty dirt roads to the surrounding villages in search of the area's finest artisans. That evening, over mezcal and cracked coconuts, the pair vowed to someday source these unique finds and start their own business.

Mexico was only the latest stop in their global travels.  Liz and Page have shared a lifelong fascination for exploring faraway lands and always keep their eye open for their next foray. With extensive backgrounds in interior design, art direction, and catalogue and interior styling, as well as decades under their belts as style editors of many of the world's prominent interior design magazines, Liz and Page view travel as an opportunity to explore new cultures, learn the traditional handiwork of local artisans and craftsmen, and expand their personal style.

During the pandemic of 2020, while home-bound and surrounded by their worn and well-loved items from afar, Liz and Page were reminded of that magical trip and their dream to open a shop of their own. It was finally time to combine their globetrotting sense of style with everything they had learned working behind the camera in some of the world's most inspiring interiors.

And so Rush House was born!

Rush House offers a curated collection of artisan home products sourced from around the globe. Every Rush House item is available to the public with discounts to the trade. At Rush House, everything is made by hand and no two products are exactly alike. Journey with us as we start small and grow our collection with time.